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imagine being a bird…

Venice top to toes

Some people come to Venice and all they want is to get lost. Others want to dominate the Dominante, as Venice used to be called.

Some people (most of us 😉 ) like to go home after the holiday with some nice photographic souvenirs, and some romantic pictures to frame. 

Bird-eye views are what you need to put a place in a context. Over 500 years ago a really skilled bloke, Jacopo De’ Barberi, decided to collect technical drawings made from each individual bell tower in town and integrate them with detailed close-ups. This way he came up with the very first (wonderful) map of the city of Venice, still an important tool for historians and urbanists (so sorry you have to Google this one, there was no more room in the site! )

During this tour we will explore several high spots, on top of buildings which alone would deserve a visit.