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Culinary tours

Italy is famous for its tasty and healthy food. We have everything we need as far as culinary products are concerned: fish, meat, cereals, loads of colourful and delicious types of vegetables. And, last but not least, vineyards and wine. Each  Italian region proudly presents its typical product, and enchants locals and guests with traditional recipes. The city of Venice, in particular, made its fortune importing and exporting all sorts of spices, from the Far and Middle East. Speziale, the spice dealer…does the word ring any bell? Special! that’s it! because each dish becomes unique with just a hint of cardamom, ginger or nutmeg. This tour can involve just a tour in the market area, to explore local products from Sant’Erasmo and the Venice Lagoon and try some cicheti (fingerfood) in local, historical bars, or an actual cooking experience and lunch with a professional chef !