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Venice is great,

also from a distance!

Bike ride in Lido

Lido is the thin and long island (11 km!) that divides the lagoon from the sea. The place where many of us take driving lessons, and that says it all :-\

Lido is also where we find refuge during high season, where we go for a swim, or playing golf, or just for a walk and a pizza on a hot summer night. 

Lido is the place you see in all the glamorous pictures in september, when the Cinema festival fills the island with celebrities and trendy parties.

The Lido port is where the largest section of the Mose barrier was placed, to protect, we hope, Venice from exeptionally high tide.

Lido, on its southern end, is almost wild and rough, with big sand dunes, dogs running free and refreshing in the sea, as their owners enjoy a bit of peace and relax. On the northern end is more residential, with lovely little liberty villas, flowers and gardens