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it’s Giovanna here…


I was born and raised in Venice, where I lived until, after high school, I  moved to Londonto study graphic design, at Kingston Uni. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done in my: see the world, meet people…to realize that there’s no place like home, especially if home is Venice.

Once back, everything in my life changed completely…Being a tour guide is great, an ongoing research! It’s like knowing someone a bit more everyday. I like to bring things to life including in the tours forgotten (but relevant!) details, or learning from artisans their skills and traditions.

You’ll never get tired of this place…

My Story

So…where shall we start ?

From the beginning perhaps? I was born and raised in Venice, where I lived until, after high school (I studied ancient greek and latin), I left this amazing city behind and moved to London.

You know why? Because I wanted to see the world, and because I think that history is amazing if it has a connection with today’s world, with the real lives of people.

So I went to to study graphic design, communication and advertising, at Kingston Uni. There were people from all continents, some of whom barely spoke any English. Yet I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had.

I learnt that you can communicate beyond words, as an individual, as an artist, architect, advertiser.

I’ve learnt that, yesterday like today, everything we see is there for a reason… every detail around us is a tile of a mosaic, is a word that ‘s essential to the story.

When I came back to Venice whole personal and professional life changed completely…for the best!

You walk, you research, you admire and explore. You seek the tiles that make this jaw-dropping mosaic called Venezia. 

My passions and goals

Do what you love, and you will not work a single day in your life

So true I sometimes feel cheecky…I spend winters on books I love, or traveling, and jumping from one exhibition to another. And Summers? Sharing it all with you!

When you support local businesses you are supporting a dream..!

I was trained as a designer. I do sometimes miss the hands-on side of the job, but visiting local artisans, learning of how they win new challenges with traditional techniques just fascinates me. And you, of course 😉

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is the purest joy that anyone can experience

Telling stories, playing games, seeking hidden treasures, or painting like Titian used to do, when he was a child…are some of the most exciting parts of the job of a guide. Venice is the perfect place for kids to learn new things while having the time of their life!