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Ciao! I’m Giovanna, a native Venetian. One of the few survivors, I’m afraid. The thing is, people leave thinking life is tough here. I tried to move abroad, but came back once I became aware of the fact that Venice is magic. I had amazing experiences working as a designer for the Observer and Channel4.

I met people from allover the world, some of whom barely spoke any english. I’ve learnt that you can communicate beyond words, as an individual, as an artist, as an architect or a politician. This allowed me to better understand and love my hometown. The joy now is to make my home a little bit yours.


Try through the eyes of a local!

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Venice tours

San Marco

A must if you are in Venice for the first time! Discover how it all started, and why and how marsh land was turned into this.


Here’s where I grew up, a lively district with the first Ghetto in the world, great artworks, or the Doge’s secret casino!


Since the old days the beating heart of the Serenissima. Here they built the fastest galleys, in a special, fireproof wood…


The district of artist and artisans, where Woody Allen, Donna Leon, Mrs Guggenheim and many more chose to live.

San Polo

Explore the history of the oldest market place through street names, strange details and unique stories.

Santa Croce

Ideal for fashion victims and designers: do you know where Gucci has his velvets made? Right where Casanova did!

Canal Grande

The most elegant street in the world is made of water! Finance, gossip, affairs, murders…each palace has a story to tell.


I’m sure you know this one already: Murano glass is sooo famous! Shall we discover together what makes it special?


If you are a painter, a photographer, a child or just someone that loves life you cannot miss this one. Promise!


There were two things Venetians needed when they first settled in the lagoon: a good set of moral rules, and a glass of wine.

The Doge’s Crown

Dedicated to exclusive activities: a bikeride in Lido, a treasure hunt in the lagoon, or a tour on the boat used by 007!


I just love night tours. The city is all yours. Quiet or loud, you choose. No distractions, unless you want them…

Giudecca and San Giorgio

Grand but genuine, with hidden gardens, ancient monasteries and a jaw-dropping  view from San Giorgio belltower…

Bike ride in Lido

In summer, Lido is a little oasis. Beach, pizza, music…cars! take a bike ride to explore Venice from a different perspective 🙂

Culinary tours

Venice and the Veneto region get very tasty at dinner time! Let’s try out some local products and cook together!

Venice top to toes

A bird-eye view on the city, perfect to draw a map (ask Jacopo de’Barbari, he’ll know!) or let your guide photograph you!

You’ll never get tiredof this place…


We organize tailor made treasure hunts, bike rides, artistic itineraries, family tours on a private boat of the main and minor islands. We also organize workshops to experience the creation of a mask, a glass bead, the hat of the Doge…or even…make real GELATO!!

We produce little booklets with quizzes and games to entertain the little ones while we give more in-depth explanations to the rest of the family 😉